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Mike Walsh
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Prospect Heights, IL

Hear from Mike’s students…
Started Playing Guitar: 2000
Lessons with Mike since: 2000
Graduated Buffalo Grove High School: 2007
Classical Guitar: 2006
Piano: 4 years
Band: Benji The Ripper (Instrumental Guitar CD)
Released First Song off CD : 2006, done with Mike at Sinister Studios
Current College: Western Illinois
“7 years is longer than I have known most of my friends my age, so you have undoubtedly become a close friend of mine. You also have been the best mentor I could ask for, and you’ve been helping shape the path of my future, especially while I was young and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. You have been one of my most important and influential idols back when I first started, and you still are to this day. You introduced me to many bands and influenced me on the music I listen to today.

It is amazing how much time and effort you put forth towards me, even if it is just an hour here or there to tweak up my songs in the studio a little bit. All those hours add up a lot of your time invested in me, and that is just one thing on the list of things you do for me and your other students. I’ve gained connections with networking to people like Tom Hess and others. I’ve gained experience with writing articles and having my works published on a website. I’ve gained confidence in myself by working with you. I’ve gained skills in many areas of music. I’ve also gained a very important and true friend well as working with the best all around teacher for me. There is nothing else I could ask for.”

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Started Playing Guitar: June 2001
Lessons with Mike since: June 2003
Graduated Stevenson High School: June 2007
Classical Guitar: 2006
Band: Blacktop Vinyl
Bands First Demo CD: Jan. 2006, done with Mike at Sinister Studios
Current College: Bradley University
"Mike is an incredible friend and teacher. Not only is he extremely talented with his axe, but he knows a lot about the music business. He will guide you to make smart and valued choices with your music career. If it wasn’t for Mike, I wouldn’t have a music scholarship for the university I currently attend. I gained knowledge from Mike about the guitar and life in music that, I think, no one else could teach me. He is not only a guitar teacher, he is truly a great friend.”

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Started Guitar: 2001
Lessons with Mike since: 2005
Graduated High School: 2007
Current College: UW Madison
Classical CD: 2006, done with Mike at Sinister Studios 
"I started playing guitar in seventh grade, and first started taking lessons from Mike after being mind-boggled by his performance at NGW and approached him about lessons two years ago. I graduated high school with honors and was accepted at the UW Madison School of Music to study under Javier Calderon, a student of Andres Segovia.

Mike Walsh is a rare teacher who combines unparalleled skill and virtuosity with an-all inclusive and ingenious method of teaching that covers all aspects of guitar, music, and all things in between and beyond. Mike is personally invested in the success of all of his students, and being one of his students means that you have his expertise to aid you in everything you do musically. Mike masterminded my first CD, assisted me in my college admissions, and even helped me sell my instrument and upgrade it and the rest of my setup.

Mike is dynamic teacher who is always responding to the individual needs of his students and evolving his teaching methods, and always thinking about news ways to enhance his students’ playing, expression, musicality, and also mastery of music theory, which is neglected by the majority of guitar teachers and students. But beyond being a one-of-a-kind teacher, Mike is a kind and helpful human being, and he goes past the usual confines of a teacher and becomes a mentor to his students, and is takes a personal interest in their goals and their successes, and is there with his students every step of the way.

Mike’s teaching, his resources, his skills, and his compassion is an asset to his students’ well throughout their musical careers and lives.”

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"Take lessons with me – Mike Walsh! If you are serious about meeting your musical goals, I’ll help you reach them. Contact me at to schedule lessons and we can work together to meet your musical goals." – Mike
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