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HESS – Opus 1 (1999)
1. Exploration MP3
2. Homage MP3
3. Phoenix Rising MP3
4. Empire MP3
5. Modes Of Expression MP3
6. Lydian Speaks MP3
7. Imperial MP3
8. Through Space And Time MP3
9. Golden Colloseum MP3
10. On The Brink MP3
11. Queen Of Me MP3
12. Palette Of Shades MP3

Guitars, Bass & Keyboard Sequences: Tom Hess
Guitars: Mike Walsh
Drums: Chris Dowgun
All Music Composed and Produced by Tom Hess.
All Compositions ©1999.
Published by Queen of Krakow Music ASCAP.
Recorded at Empire Studio, Cary, IL.
Mastered at Chicago Masterworks.

  Album Reviews:
  House Of Shred
  "Guitarist Tom Hess’ twelve track debut album, Opus 1, showcases some of the cleanest soloing I’ve heard on an independent release in quite some time. Hess’ natural ability is apparent throughout this instrumental journey, as is that of the second guitarist here, Mike Walsh." – Kevin Ryan
Full Review
| House Of Shred Website
  Guitar Rock
  "Hess skillfully combines the neoclassicism of Yngwie Malmsteen and Jason Becker, and the progressiveness of Dream Theater and George Bellas with the 19’th century romanticism of composers like Chopin and Brahms. This is easily seen by his stunning yet tasteful use of technical shredding to impassion his music. Their music features harmony runs galore, ethereal keyboards, emotional melodies, progressive and heavy riffs, and excellent composition. Both guitarists Tom Hess and Mike Walsh have amazing technical and musical skills, and styles distinctly their own. Overall, this is my absolute favorite CD."
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  Guitar Mania (Canada)
  "Tom and Mike fly through intricate passages reminiscent of players like YJM, Marty Friedman, and George Bellas. There are also some nice classical variations thrown in for good measure. All the tracks demonstrate the advanced musicianship and interplay between all three band members." – Mike Sandomirsky
Full Review
  Musik Korner
  "Twelve well-crafted tunes with a progressive/classical flavor showcasing the impeccable guitar-work of both Tom Hess and Mike Walsh without turning the songs into stale guitar workouts with no substance. A superb disc that would fit perfectly among anything in the Shrapnel catalogue." – Geoff Melton
Full Review
| Musik Korner Website
  Metal Storm
  "Ultimately, Tom Hess and Mike Walsh have created a guitar orientated masterpiece that is almost scary. Fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Dream Theater and progressive music in general need to hear this." – Nate Dressel
Full Review
  Guitar Heroes (France)
  "In brief, we have there a very diverse CD, with very fast players, and some very good songs with a strong Malmsteen influence on the playing and a more eclectical influence on the music (no doubt, those players must like Dream Theater and prog-metal bands). Do not hesitate to go to their site, contact them and listen to mp3 in the mp3 section." – Fabien Muller
Full Review | Guitar Heroes Website
  George Bellos
  "Tom has recently released his debut instrumental album entitled Hess Opus 1. The album is Progressive and Neoclassical. Very rich in harmony, interesting odd meters, compositionally well thought out and a lot of nice improvisation put together in some very logical and creative forms with some cool counterpoint I might add! Think Romantic harmony with some modern rhythms and meters. There’s some nice clean guitar work as well.” – George Bellos
George Bellos Website
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