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HESS – Opus 2 (2004)
1. Nexuses MP3
2. Kingdoms MP3
3. Into The Pinnacle MP3
4. The Cynic, The Sad, And The Fallen MP3
5. What Could Have Been… And What Is Not… MP3
6. Through The Trials MP3
7. Behold MP3
8. Stained MP3
9. Beyond The Brink MP3
10. Waves Of Far Reaching MP3

Guitars: Tom Hess
Guitars: Mike Walsh
Bass Guitar: Mark Carozza
Percussion: Scott Hess
All Music Composed, Produced and Mixed by Tom Hess.
All Compositions ©2004

Published by Queen of Krakow Music ASCAP.
Recorded at Empire Studio, Cary, IL.
Mastered at Chicago Masterworks.
Band Photos and Cover Photo By: Iwona Hess.

  Album Reviews:
  "There is absolutely no question that both Tom Hess and Mike Walsh know how to play guitar, but what goes deeper through this release is that fact that they manage to make bold musical statements and are not afraid to combine 8 bars of positively demonic blistering shred followed by 8 bars of super melodic lead work, this gives the album a superb flow and adds depth and substance."
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  Heavy Metal Pages (Holland)
  "I expected equally great album after magnificent “Opus 1”. Almost five-year awaiting didn’t go to waste, because “Opus 2” is as brilliant as its predecessor. The element linking both albums is almost identical covers, and actually photos of satin fabric."
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| HMP Website
  "The ten songs that comprise Opus 2 are more dialogues than anything else, conversations between the guitars of Tom Hess and musical partner Mike Walsh. Nexuses opens the CD with a jolt, and gives you a pretty good idea that you’re in for a fascinating and thrilling ride. The solos start out stately and get blisteringly fast in a hurry. And before you can catch your breath, Kingdoms carries you off on another flurry of guitar lines and driving rhythms.

" – David Hodge
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  Progressive World
  "If you are looking for a new dose of classically influenced instrumental metal then look no further than Hess’s second opus, Opus 2. This is a fabulous album, demonstrating some beautiful guitar playing." – Stephanie Sollow
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  Guitar Mania (Canada)
  "Hess ­ Opus 2 should send out a shock wave of epic proportions to all musicians and guitarists worldwide. Hess has transcended from somewhere not of this earth delivering one eclectic mix of virtuoso performances." – Mike Sandomirsky
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  "Six string masterminds Tom Hess and Mike Walsh web their thought provoking mastery on tracks Nexuses, Behold and Beyond The Brink. Overall creative merit Opus 2 lands between the worlds of refined classical abilities to metal music ingenuity. Emotionally touching to its heart stopping harmonics Hess discovers worlds not even sought by some. Compelling and dramatic this release speaks volumes." – Jussi Gough
Full Review | Metallian Website
  "Both Tom Hess and Mike Walsh have their own tone and style, and a great sense of melody and phrasing, besides having some of the best chops around, and the ability to integrate them into the music. Hess’s song structure is very good too, with lots of mood changes and climaxes throughout his songs. " – Matt Martin
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  "Opus 2 is amazing instrumental album that carries the flag for extreme instrumental shred guitar. Hess and Walsh are a great guitar team, complementing each other’s playing." – Nick Martinelli
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  "It’s nice to hear musicians that have not only studied the base notation and tonal aspects of classical music, but have studied the idioms of arrangement and compositions as well, the music fan will seldom remember the names of the musicians in an orchestral presentation, no matter how well it is performed, but they will always remember a composer if the music has a lasting, impactual delivery. It seems as though Hess has found that combination, and has delivered a highly recommendable cd on Opus II. It seems that the best may yet to be coming as ideas for a follow up aptly called Opus III are already in the works, and this listener/writer will be waiting. "
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