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SAGE – In Vain (2005)
1. Manifest Destiny MP3
2. Graves MP3
3. Backbone MP3
4. Out of Body MP3
5. In Vain MP3
Vocals: Tracey Sage
Guitars: Mike Walsh
Bass: Rob Thompson
Drums: Eric Ganci
Recorded and Mastered at Sinister Studios 2005
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Vlada Prljic and Mike Walsh
Produced by SAGE
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  Album Reviews:
  Sea of Tranquility
  "Ballbustin’ beats, stompin’ lows, crunchin’ chords and the powerfully expressive pipes of namesake Tracey Sage navigate your eardrums through a quintet of hyperenergetic vignettes on the Chicago-based melodic metal quartet’s second EP. Mike Walsh’s guitar craft is the other major attraction here; Walsh and the rhythm section of Rob Thompson on bass and Eric Ganci on skins effect a sonic onslaught that’s not altogether new, by any stretch, but it’s certainly palatable and then some — Ganci’s machine-gun drumming quickly makes its point." – Elias Granillo
Sea of Tranquility Website
  The Heavy Metal
  "Once again, a very impressive effort."
The Heavy Metal Website
  Metal Express Radio
  "Tracey Sage, who is the voice of the band, along with guitar virtuoso Mike Walsh are the “heart” of this four piece band. The man behind the six string is Mike Walsh who is already known for being a guitar tutor. He has released several instrumental CDs, writes a column in the famous site, and teaches at the National Guitar Workshop." – Dr. Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
Metal Express Radio Website
  "The CD features Tracey’s powerful emotive vocals, amazing guitar playing from Walsh and one of the more solid rhythm sections in the genre. They tap into sounds of bands such as Tool, Dream Theater and A Perfect Circle but with their own unique style." – Ron Fuchs
The Prognaut Website
  Metal Storm
  "There is absolutely no question that both Tom Hess and Mike Walsh know how to play guitar, but what goes deeper through this release is that fact that they manage to make bold musical statements and are not afraid to combine 8 bars of positively demonic blistering shred followed by 8 bars of super melodic lead work, this gives the album a superb flow and adds depth and substance."
Full Review
| Metal Storm Website
  Rough Edge
  "Sage’s ‘In Vain’ is an example of that rare band that does music their way and leaves all conventions behind them. At times sounding like 80s metal, at others like modern progressive metal and still at others sounding like international rock’n’roll, ‘In Vain’ keeps the listener guessing while never alienating them by going too far one way or the other." – R. Scott Bolton
Rough Edge Website
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