Sage - In Vain Sage - Lightning Strikes Hess - Opus 2 Hess - Opus 1
Sage - In Vain Sage - Lightning Strikes Hess - Opus 2 Hess - Opus 1
SAGE – Lightning Strikes (2003)
1. Dust MP3
2. Ever Unanswered MP3
3. Scarecrow MP3
4. Blindsided MP3
5. Lightning Strikes MP3
Vocals: Tracey S
Guitars: Mike W
Bass: Ali D
Drums: Eric G
Tabla: Kirk
(on Ever Unanswered)
Recorded at "The Crib"
Engineered by Vlada Prljic
Mixed and Mastered by SAGE, Vlada Prljic and David Moss
Produced by SAGE
Graphic Design and Photography by
US Orders International

  Album Reviews:
  Sea of Tranquility
  "Guitarist Mike Walsh doles out some nice runs. If the right cards fall, Sage will have a serious opportunity to crack the mainstream jugular." – Elias Granillo
Sea of Tranquility Website
  "Overall I was totally blown away by the presentation. The
mastery of craftsmanship was evident in every element
from the solid rhythmic foundation provided by the drummer
and prodigious guitar playing to the technically perfect
vocal performance that tied a conceptual bow around all
that lay beneath it."
Full Taxi Review
  "Look out for these guys and girl for they will be the talk of most prog metal circles to come.” Website
  "SAGE4 from Chicago is quite an original band, because this female fronted band is playing melodic progressive hardrock with some out of the ordinary rhythms. In fact, the band has really created an own style, and although some might compare them to Evanescence, I think SAGE4 is definitely more original and progressive.”
Strutter Website
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